For custom jewels you may provide photographs as large as 8" x 10". Color photographs can be transferred to black and white but the colors in the photograph must be gentle, having a close range of middle tones with no strong bright shades. Send three favorites if you are in question with what image will work. I will send a copy to you of the finished images for an ok, in which you will send back. The finished image may be toned, hand-colored
or left in black and white, according to your preference. This is a transfer process and your original images will be returned to you.

The base price is $200.00 for each custom order. If a piece becomes more involved the price depends on the extra work put into the piece and it will be discussed throughout.

Half of the cost needs to be included with the images you are sending. The finished piece includes your original images and final payment will be made at this time.

For Ordering Information:
please email or call maureen
directly at 503.314.7103
heirloom jewelry

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