Heirloom quality keepsake jewelry:
  + necklaces
         methodically crafted in patinaed
         sterling silver and carrying a gelatin
         printed photograph.
  + earrings
         swanky little squares hold a different
         image on each ear and together,
         they both become a story.
  + rings
         specially designed squares, circles,
         and rectangles are formed around
         smaller openings holding intimate
  + brooches + pins
         your favorite story hanging on a
         rope, a chain, or on your clothing
         with a hinged pin back.
  + gallery
         contemporary designs, studio
         jewelry and individual commissions.
  + sets
         showcase the chapters of your life
         by creating a unique set.
  + dog & cat tags
         your special canine or feline needs
         a jewel of you or perhaps his or
         her best buddy next door

  + people
         the spirited ones in our lives always have stories...
         let them tell.
  + shoes
         some of us live our lives through our shoes - how
         else can we try on all of our different personalities?
  + dogs
         every dog has his day - perhaps to tell their own
         stories, if only you listen.
  + collages, montages & trypichs
         creative works to tell a new story from
         existing images.

custom lightboxes
         tell your own story by creating a one of a kind,
         heirloom piece to be cherished for generations.
         A unique and thoughtful gift for a mother, a sister,
         a best friend, or any of the special ones in our lives.

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